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So today Alice and I went by ourselves to a UKC dog show hosted by the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of American. Jolene and Johanna took care of Tina and the puppies while Alice and I went to compete.

Alice didn’t do as well as we had wanted, but she did get some points towards her UKC championship. She got first in her puppy groups, but kept finishing second in the overall golden retriever group. It was hotter than we anticipated. Getting home Alice went straight to sleep from exhaustion. I didn’t bring my camera with me, but I did take a photo with my phone as we waited for our turn.  She turns 1 year old tomorrow, so we decided not to compete tomorrow.  We will let her fill out more before she competes again for UKC since she will no longer compete as a puppy.

Hopefully next time Alice does even better as she grows into form. We can’t wait for our new puppy to grow and compete, as well as bring Tina back into the ring.

Alice waiting for her turn.

Alice Waiting For Her Turn.

Golden Retriever Best Puppy

Golden Retriever Best Puppy

A Tired Alice

Tired Alice

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