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This was a very busy weekend for us.  We finally got Tina back in the show ring.  My in-laws are on vacation this weekend.  While they are gone we are delivering puppies and performing AI’s for them.  One of our in-laws girls had to have an emergency c-cection and the mother is not producing milk.  So Jolene has been hand feeding a puppy every 3 hours over the weekend.  So with feeding puppies, AI’s, dog shows, hours of traveling, Jolene working, and the usual functions of being a parent, it’s been a busy weekend.

Since Tina’s coat came in over the winter, we decided to enter her into a dog show.  We went to another IABCA show in Ontario California.  The judges were very impressed with her.  Generally in dog shows English Creme Goldens don’t impress the judges.  However, Tina seems to be an exception.  They did mark her down for being overweight.  Which is something we are working on.  Last December she had a false pregnancy.  She showed all the signs of being pregnant and even gained weight.  It’s something that’s been a hard thing to remove.  One of judges wants her to come back after she looses weight, so we will see how that goes.

She did earn the correct scores to obtain her International Championship.  So now she has another title to her name.  Anyway, now that everything is done, things can calm done for a while.

Tina waiting her turn.

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