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It’s been really busy around here.  Our human baby boy is now four weeks old.  Our fury baby boy is now transitioning with the other girls and is better potty trained.  So less clean up.  Our puppies are now two weeks old, however more clean up.  Ember is in heat, and we finalizing her certifications.  Jolene had surgery today to have her tubes tied.  Anyway, too much information I know.  So how are the puppies you ask?

Puppies’ First Two Weeks of Life

Alice’s puppies have grown a lot.  They are totally different than they were two weeks ago.  After 3 days their noses darkened.  Day 9 one of the puppies eyes opened fully.  The rest started opening on day 10 and were open by day 11.  Day 12 they started walking fairly well rather than crawling.  Day 13 a couple of them were howling rather than making their puppy chirps.  Day 14, today 4 of them can distinctively hear.  I suspect the next two will occur in the next couple of days.  4 of them now have their puppy howls.

Weekly Photos

We didn’t really get a photo last week other than one photo.  We did get a couple photos today which are below.  Hopefully a few things will calm down around here so our updates are more consistent.



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Puppies' Third Week of Life
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