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This past week our puppies continually climb into Tina’s food bowl and eat her dry food. They’ve skipped the wet stuff and went to the dry food. Generally we would wait till 4 weeks to start them on food, but since they love food we decided to give them some wet food 2 days early. We did catch Miss Green falling asleep while eating dry food.  We thought it was cute.

puppy falling asleep while eating

Miss Green Falling Asleep Eating











We mixed up some wet food today, with PetLac puppy milk replacement, and water.  Pretty much it’s a little thicker than gruel.  They devoured it in a few minutes. They seemed to do well as none of them choked on it. Obviously they are used to chewing because of the dry food.  On a side note puppies are getting ready to see their future parents soon.  These cream puffs are starting to grow.

Golden retriever puppies eating wet food

Puppies Eating Wet Food

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