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In less than a week Tina is going to have her puppies. We are starting all the preparations for the birthing process. We have all our towels, blankets, pen, food, and so on. It’s getting exciting around the house. We are making plans for Alice to stay with family for a few days. She is not used to being away from Tina. So it will be a unsettling situation for her I’m sure.

Johanna, our daughter, is only 3. We got to teach her a little bit about the process. She was able to feel Tina’s belly and feel the puppies kick. I wish I had recorded her reaction when she finally felt them. I did get a video later on, but it wasn’t a precious as her first time feeling them. I think she finally understands that there are puppies inside. She loves her Alice, so I’m sure she’ll love these little ones. I know she is going to have a hard time letting these little ones go when the time comes. She has been around many puppies at her grandma’s, but she wasn’t attached, nor old enough really to understand the process.

Alice is growing up as well. She is in her so called “ugly” stage. However, she is still really cute. I’ve been working on her leash training more. Since we’ve declined on Tina’s activity, it has given me a chance to walk Alice by herself. I found out that she is scared of the dark when walking her last night. Hopefully she’ll overcome that soon. I am posting a photo of Alice. She is 4 months old today.

Golden Retriever at 4 months

4 Month Old Golden Retriever

Can’t wait for our little English cream golden retrievers to be running around soon. There will be lots of picture taking, and video shot.

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