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While browsing through social media it’s hard not to miss that today is National Dog Day.  Really, at our home it’s pretty much a dog day every day.  Nothing really went on here with the pack.  We did get some deer antlers from Amazon.  I wish I had realized that they are fairly small.  I am surprised as to how much they hold up though even with the small size.

In the past, both Tina and Alice will chew through a large bone in about an hour if we let them.  I’ve tried many different bones to see which last the longest.  I’ve even tried a Nylabone, but they are not interested in them.  They do last, and once in a while I see them chew on it for a few minutes.  The deer antlers though actually do capture their attention.  I’m assuming it’s the smell.  I will probably invest in a few larger ones.  I never liked the price of deer antlers.  They are really expensive, but if they last about 5 times as long as a large bone, then it should pay for themselves.

I hope all the dogs out there are enjoying their special day, especially those little english cream golden retrievers in their new homes.  Make sure to take your dogs to Starbuck’s for their puppiccino.

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