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This weekend Jolene, Johanna and myself attended the Kennel Club of Riverside Dog Show that took place at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area. This time we visited as a spectator. Our four footed friends stayed home. I went to watch and cheer on the golden retrievers and see some fellow golden enthusiast friends.

Luckily today wasn’t very hot. It was nice to be near the lake as Johanna got to swim a bit with Jolene while I watched the golden retrievers compete. My favorite golden retriever did win best of breed. A well deserved win.

AKC events have a lot more participants than IABCA shows. They are a lot more stringent as well. Unfortunately, many judges don’t like English standard golden retrievers. Often they fault them for their color being too light. A few weeks ago I spoke to a judge, and she said that she personally wouldn’t fault the light goldens. Additionally in previous years AKC didn’t prefer boxy heads that The Kennel Club prefers. However, the standard and preferences are changing. So maybe color won’t be a factor in the future either.

We did visit this week to scout out if any near white goldens were there. Almost 40 goldens competed. None of them were near white, although one did come close. There were a lot of blonde goldens that competed fairly well. We are hoping that if Alice grows a little, and comes out of her awkward stage we will show her in January at the AKC show in Palm Springs. Even more competition will be there. We will be keeping a puppy from our next litter, and a male will be coming our way as well. Both, will hopefully have exceptional toplines, structure, and a great muzzle. Next fall we will be competing in as many shows as possible. Hopefully we will find judges that won’t fault them because of color.

dog show at Lake Perris

Johanna and Jolene at Lake Perris during the show.

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