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For the last 3 years my backyard grass has been having issues.  No matter what I do, spots will never grow grass.  I’ve blocked off areas so the dogs can’t go on it, fertilized, placed sod, reseeded, new sprinklers, almost everything.  It’s as if it was sprayed with some kind of grass killer before we moved in.

Last summer I decided to test my sprinklers to see if that might the issue.  The control switch is in the garage.  I turned them on and went to the backyard.  That’s when I came across Alice hopping from sprinkler to sprinkler.  She’s always loved the water.  She’s our water dog of the pack.  This water event was especially entertaining.  So I went and got my phone to record a bit of it.  Albeit by the time I started recording she wasn’t as playful.  The following video is our golden retriever playing with sprinklers before she stopped.

I get a kick out of Alice’s love for the water. Alice’s half sister Baylee, whom a friend owns loves the water even more. She loves playing in creeks and the beach chasing balls and sticks. Living on the lake she’s a much better swimmer. So hopefully this summer Alice will become a better swimmer too. Golden retrievers love for water is another reason I love golden retrievers so much. They are so playful when they get the chance to be. Sometimes they are even a little goofy. This summer they will get the chance to have a bunch more trips to the water. Hopefully we will get many more videos of them being silly. As it begins to heat up, it reminds me to always have water available for our dogs so that they do not overheat. Happy and healthy dogs will lead to happy humans.

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