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Winter is now upon us. We decided to take our english golden retrievers up to the snow. It was the first time Alice has seen the snow. So it was a new journey for her.

We met up with the parents of Miss Red. Her name is now Baylee. She and her parents live near Lake Arrowhead. A storm recently went through, so we decided to meet up with them so they could get some play time as well as play in the snow.

Alice, Tina, and Baylee had fun running around a ball field full of snow. Alice collected lumps of snowballs attached to her fur. Not sure why it only happened to her. We made sure to get a photo of it. Johanna and Jolene made a snowman. You can’t go to the snow without making a snowman. Baylee and Alice made sure to pull out the snowman’s arms. Sticks are made for throwing, right?

We enjoyed our short jaunt up there. Tina and Alice wore out after an hour or so. They slept the entire way home. The next we get to go to the snow will be a while, since puppies will be due in two weeks. Unless it snows at our house. Which may happen. At least everyone had fun.

Update: We also went up to Oak Glen to go on a hike. Unexpectedly there was still two feet of snow up there. We thought it already had melted. So once again everyone got to play in the snow. Tina even got to wear her brand new coat.

Photos taken in Twin Peaks

english cream golden retriever


dogs running in the snow

Tina, Alice and Baylee.

english golden retriever


7 month old english golden retriever


Dog in the snow

Alice with snowballs stuck to her.

building a snowman

Finished Snowman

Working on the Snowman

Working on the Snowman

Alice and Baylee taking the Snowman's arm away.

Alice and Baylee taking the Snowman’s arm away.

golden retrievers in the snow

Alice took Baylee’s stick.

dogs in the snow

Alice and Baylee

playing fetch in the snow

Everyone playing.

Dog and snowman

Alice checking out the Snowman.

Photos of English Golden Retrievers in Oak Glen

Golden Retriever hugs

Hugs From Alice

Golden Retriever

Alice watching kids at play.

The Bearden Pack in snow

Most of our Pack.

Snow Jacket for Dogs

Tina Sporting her new coat.

Dog Hugs

More Hugs From Alice

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