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Bigger and bigger.   Last week we put photos up on their 4 week update.

Week 5 Milestones

The puppies are growing.  Noticeably growing.  Even their nails are growing.  So they will be getting a trim.  They are now exposed to our downstairs.  They love to run around the house and play with our adult dogs.  We put new collars on them today.  Since the collars are thicker they are scratching them.  They will be use to a collar by the time they go home though.  They are getting more playful each day.

We just noticed that they like to chase the mop.  Our last couple litters didn’t really chase.  Tina and Olaf’s last litter were the last ones to love chasing after the mop.

Weekly Photos

Here are their weekly photos.  Only the boys got a bath today.  Girls will tomorrow.

Boy 1 (Apollo):  Light Blue Collar.  11 lbs 4 oz.  Still our biggest boy.

35 Days Old

Boy 2 (Asher):. Dark Blue Collar.  9 lbs 14 oz.

35 Days Old

Girl 1 (Ainsley):  Dark Pink Collar.  9 lbs 8 oz.  She’s our biggest girl.

35 Days Old

35 Days Old

34 Days Old

Girl 2 (Ava): Purple Collar. 8 lbs 10 oz.  Same size as Anna this week.

35 Days Old

Girl 3 (Anna): Light Pink Collar. 8 lbs 10 oz.

35 Days Old

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