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Well the wait is over. Tina had her puppies. I feel like I’m in the land of women right now. Or at least little girls. Tina had 8 females and no males. Her pregnancy lasted 63 days. Exactly the days averaged. We originally thought she was only going to have 7, but let a behold 14 hours later she pushed another out. Her contractions had gone, and she was acting normal. All of a sudden another just came out.

Tina is doing great. This is her first litter, so she’ll be learning a lot from them. She’s definitely tired, but at least she is content. I still can’t believe that all her puppies were female. What are the odds on that one. I went to bed late last night around 3:30 a.m., or morning I guess you can say. I knew she was almost ready to give birth. She was making loops on a pillow. Around 5:00 a.m. we heard the first puppy. Jolene got up and delivered them while I slept. Lucky me. 14 hours later, I got to help with the 8th female puppy.

Just in case you missed, Olaf is the father. We wish all the puppies well on their future. Here are a few photos from their first day.

Tina and Olaf Puppies

Tina and Olaf Puppies on their first day (7 of the 8).

Johanna petting puppies.

Johanna getting to touch puppies for first time.

Johanna sees puppies for first time

Johanna just woke up and sees puppies for first time.

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