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About 5 years ago I started seeing signs pop up on our neighbors yards saying “Curb Your Dog“. I presumed what it meant, but I sought clarification just in case. The term “Curb Your Dog” basically can mean two different things. One is to make sure you have control over your dog via a leash or making sure it remains on your own property. As well as making sure to keep it out of the trouble and keeping to the sidewalk for walks. The second and what I think is more aptly appropriate is to clean up after your dog when it poops.  Additionally it means to keep your dogs off the grass and take them to the curb to do their business.  Years ago cities created ordinances to prevent dogs from defecating in public spaces.   The intent was to have the dogs defecate in the street rather than on the sidewalk or areas of walking traffic.

My neighbor’s sign I’m sure was intended to tell people to pick up after their dogs. Recently, I’ve been noticing lots and lots of dogs pooping on our front lawn. It reminded me of that little sign and I wished I had one of my own. I have to clean up after everyone else’s dogs because their owners don’t care to take responsibility for it.

Curb Your Dog On Walks

Since I’m talking potty talk, I thought I would discuss ways of cleaning up poop. Every time we go on a walk we bring our potty bags. Every walk stimulates one of our girls bowls, so it’s essential to take it with us.  “Pets N Bags” bags are biodegradable.  So you won’t harm the earth with excess trash.  However if you want to cover up that smell a bit you could opt for the Earth Rated Dispenser with their lavender scented poop bags.  A little lavender can go a long way if you go on a long walk with a bag in your hand and no trash can around.  Every puppy I send home I send a poop bag dispenser with them.  I like to start my puppy parents off right by having them curb their puppies from the start.  Hopefully their neighbors will appreciate them for it.

Cleaning Up Poop in Your Yard

While on the topic we also have to pick up poop at home.  There are many options out there, and many types of contraptions out there.  However we generally use a spade set to pick up the poop in the yard.  The only problem with this set is the rivets tend to break after time.  I ended up drilling holes in the rivets and inserting screws.  Now it should last for years before I have to get a new one.  Another one that gets good reviews is the Spotty Metal Tray and rake.  If my other one doesn’t last I might try this one next time.  However I like the spade personally over a rake.  Once in a while if a dog gets sick, using a rake to pick up soft poop is not fun.

So do your neighbors a favor and curb your dog.  Maybe because of your due diligence your neighbors will get dogs too and you will have puppy playmates.

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