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Golden retrievers are considered a large breed. Large breed dogs mean they are susceptible to hip dysplasia. We own a Mazda CX-9. For our golden retrievers to get in the back of the vehicle they have to stress their joints by jumping in. Tina, who weighs more than the rest has a hard time getting in. My back, with three herniated discs, suffers every time I have to help her in.

So it was time for us to invest in a ramp for our dogs to get into the vehicle. I searched many options, read numerous reviews, and scoured different website’s opinions. There are bifold ramps, trifold ramps, folding stairs, and of course telescoping ramps. We opted for a telescoping ramp. Part of the reason we wanted a SUV is to be able to take all our english cream golden retrievers wherever we want to go as well as have space for camping equipment or more. Having a ramp in your vehicle takes up space as they are fairly large.

It was important for me that the ramp would be a bit more compact. My vehicle has a third row seat that is collapsible. When down there is a 4 inch gap between the third row and the 2nd row. That was a perfect space to fit the ramp and not take up much space. The only ramps that we could find that could fit are the telescoping ramps. So we opted for a the Solvit 62337 Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp.  We got ours from Amazon for $77.  Price does go up at times.  It is not the cheapest option out there.  If you want something cheaper and have more room you could check out the Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp.  This ramp generally runs around $50.

We chose ours because it is more compact. Now our dogs can get in and out of the vehicle without much problem. Now this is not generally the type of blog post that I would write. However, I do feel that it is important to protect your dogs joints as much as possible. If you are like us and have a SUV or truck, then this might be something you might consider. In the long run their joints will last longer, and your fur member will appreciate you more.

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