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It seemed just a few days ago when we chose which puppy we would keep. Alice was the lightest color of her litter, and the largest as well. She grew up and is now in between size.

For her birthday we decided to throw her a big birthday party. Last time we threw Tina a birthday party, but we just had Alice and Tina there. This time we invited some family members. We invited Olaf and Reina, who are Alice’s parents. We also had Lady, who is Alice’s sister and also her birthday. Also, we had Baylee visit, who is Alice’s half sister (Tina’s daughter).

Getting them all together was a chore in itself. With this many dogs who some haven’t even met made it difficult.  They did good though.  When it was all set and done the dogs got to enjoy their dog friendly red velvet cake, and cupcake treats. All the foods included ingredients were safe for dogs. I’m sure some of them had a little upset stomach though.

Photo below is one decent photo we got. From left to right is: Baylee, Olaf, Alice, Lady, Reina, and Tina.

Alice's Birthday.

Alice’s Birthday.

Below is a photo of them eating their cake. Tina finished first and no we don’t normally allow her on the table, but what are you gonna do when it’s a great photo? We did forget to put the hats back on for this photo.

Eating Cake.

Eating Cake.

We did try and get a photo of them with their hats on while eating cake. This is the photo that resulted.

Eating Cake.

Eating Cake.

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