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Puppies a growing everyday. 6 week update. Below is this weeks milestones.

Week 7 Milestones

Our puppy parents this week did have a chance to pick their puppies. The puppies have grown a good amount this week even after their visits. I expect this coming week to be very similar. We are working on some potty training this week. We are trying to take them out each time they wake up as well as after eating. Hopefully that will improve even more this week. Luckily we got a break in the rain this week. So it isn’t all that muddy outside. All the puppies love running around in the back yard now. They’d rather be outside than inside.

We tried a different group photo. It didn’t turn out as we had expected. We had a bunch of things that we built to go into the photo, but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. So we axed it last second. So below is our result after that change. We hope you enjoy. Puppy weights are also below.

7 Weeks 2 Days Old

Weekly Photos


Atinna (Orange)
8 lbs 12 oz

Alana (Pink)
8 lbs

Adella (Yellow)
9 lbs 2 oz Our biggest pup.

Aquata (Blue)
8 lbs 8 oz

Arista (Red)
8 lbs 14 oz

Andrina (Violet)
7 lbs 8 oz Tied for smallest puppy this week.

Ariel (Green)
7 lbs 8 oz Tied for smallest puppy.


Eric (Silver)
8 lbs 10 oz

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6 Week Old Puppies