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Puppies are getting playful.  Last week we had our 3 week update. We put a few photos and videos up last week there.  Below is once again this weeks milestones.

Week 4 Milestones

This week on day 23 we fed our puppies their first meal. It was a mixture of Taste of the Wild puppy food, water and milk replacement. They all were very interested in it. Aquata was a little hesitant, but eventually did eat as well. Each day they are nursing less and less, and eating more food.

We expanded they roaming area in their room. We also allowed them to come out of the puppy room to roam our house. Attina and then Alana were the first to come out day 26. The rest followed a day later. Their coats are getting longer. Each day they are more playful and stay up for longer periods of time. Their claws are very sharp. Below is this weeks photos.

Last week we incorrectly put Eric’s weight wrong. We fixed it.

Weekly Photos

What happens when the puppy sitter falls asleep.

Step Sisters Aquata, Alana, Ember, and Andrina (4 weeks 4 days)

Alice with her half-sisters (4 weeks 4 days)


Atinna (Orange)
She is 4 lbs 5 oz. She generally hits her milestones first.

Attina (4 Weeks Old)

Alana (Pink)
She is 4 lbs 10 oz. She’s not a fan of taking photos. She’s still our biggest puppy, although Eric did catch up. She generally hits her milestones second.

Alana (4 Weeks Old)

Adella (Yellow)
She is 4 lbs 5 oz.

Adella (4 Weeks Old)

Aquata (Blue)
She is 4 lbs 9 oz.

Aquata (4 Weeks Old)

Arista (Red)
She is 4 lb 1 oz. She does have the most gold in her coat.

Arista (4 Weeks Old)

Andrina (Violet)
She is 3 lb 12 oz. This week she is the smallest.

Andrina (4 Weeks Old)

Ariel (Green)
She is 3 lb 13 oz.

Ariel (4 Weeks Old)


Eric (Silver)
He is 4 lbs 10 oz. He finally weighs the same as Alan for biggest pup.

Eric (4 Weeks Old)

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