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Willow and Olaf’s Final Puppy Count


Willow began her labor around 3:30 a.m. December 30th. Puppies began arriving around 6:18 a.m. In total Willow had 7 girls and 1 boy. Willow was mated to Olaf.  We love his temperament and results we had with Tina.  Willow has one of our best temperaments and should match well with Olaf. Puppies should go home around February 24.

We will continually update our blog as the times comes with lots of photos.

Since we had more females than expected we do have the last two girls left.  We are planning Alice’s first litter this next summer, as well as a litter from Tina next summer. Contact us for more information.  

Johanna holding puppy. (6 Days Old)

Their noses are turning black. (5 Days Old)

A Sleepy Pup. (5 Days Old)

Willow’s Puppies (their first photo)

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1 Week Old Puppies
Willow and Olaf's Litter