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Picking up your puppy can be one of the most exciting things that you can ever do.  You are taking your new pack member to your own den.  Sometimes puppy parents forget the essentials, or are not prepared when they get their puppy home.

When you pick a puppy up from us, we will be giving you a few things to get you started.  You will receive food that your puppy is currently on.  Generally that is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula.  You will need to have your own food ready at home to transition in a appropriate time.  I would suggest purchasing a puppy bowl for food and water.  It may be necessary to bring that with you the day of, especially if you are traveling a longer distance. You will need water as well.

You should purchase some toys for the puppy to entertain his/her self.  Otherwise they may entertain themselves on your couches, chairs, and anything else they can get their mouth on.  They will be teething in the next few months, so be prepared.  I also recommend brining a blanket from home that you can rub on the puppy’s mommy.  It will help transition and bring familiarity to the puppies senses. Also you may want to bring some old blankets or towels with you. Puppies can get car sick, and you may want something to help clean up if they throw up.

You will need a leash to start leash training.  Your puppy will probably not walk with it on the day you pick him/her up.  But you could always bring it with you.  If you are flying on a plane, a leash will be necessary to have with you regardless if they walk with it.  I personally don’t like retractable leads.  I personally think it will ultimately lead to leash training failure and they will learn to always pull you.

If you plan on crate training at home, you will need to invest in a good crate.  Some crates have dividers that will grow as your puppy grows.  Personally I don’t crate train my own dogs, but many people love crate training.

Eventually you will want to bathe your puppy.  You might consider buying shampoo ahead of time.  If you like your puppy to be on the whiter side, there are shampoos with a whitener in them.  That’s personal preference though.  Also, I would purchase a brush so that you can brush them a couple times a week. Also puppy nails will be growing rapidly and be sharp. A nail clipper will be needed to keep at an appropriate size. Be careful not to clip too far back to the wick.

You will be potty training when you get home.  I will be giving puppy parents some pee pads to take with them.  You might consider buying more for home.  That really will be personal preference on how you train your puppy to go potty.

Eventually you will want to buy more things for your home. You will figure that out in time. Also, you may want to bring more things with you. Especially a camera to take pictures.

In review, what you will need to bring with you the day of:

  • Food and water bowls
  • water
  • Old towels and/or blankets
  • Leash and collar
  • Crate for transport

What to have ready at home:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Food to transition over to (especially if changing to a different food)
  • Leash and collar
  • Shampoo, brush and nail clippers
  • Bedding and blankets
  • Chew toys (toys that they can’t swallow or inhale and non toxic)
  • Crate (if needed)
  • Pee pads (if needed)
Alice and Tina in Oak Glen

Alice and Tina in Oak Glen

Alice and Johanna

Alice and Johanna

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