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Golden Retrievers are one of the best pets and companions in the world.  For some a golden retriever may be too big, but for many of us they are just right.  A golden retriever is considered a large breed.  Often many people ask about the size of a golden retriever because their apartments, HOA’s, or CC&R’s only allow a certain size of dog.  So what is the average size of a Golden Retriever?  The average weight is 50-80 lbs.  The average height is 20-24 inches.

Average Size of a Golden Retriever

First lets discuss what the standards say is the typical size of a golden retriever with regards to weight and height.

AKC Standard Under the GRCA

Height to the Withers:

Male: 23-24 inches

Female: 21.5-22.5 inches


Male: 65-75 pounds

Female: 55-65 pounds

The Kennel Club and FCI Standard

Height to the Withers:

Male:  22-24 inches (56-61 cms)

Females:  20-22 inches (51-56 cms)


The Kennel Club and FCI no longer state a specific requirement of weight.  Many of the dogs who perform in show have a huskier build.  Often judges prefer a larger breadth of chest.  From experience, even though a golden retriever who is from the English standard might be shorter, they do not weigh less.  Almost all English standard males I’ve seen are around 80 lbs.

Considering Height and Weight

For those who don’t know what the withers are, it’s highest part of a dog’s back.  The head will extend to higher point.  All height measurements are based off the withers.  The standard set by AKC and TKC does not mean that a dog may or may not fit in the average height or weight.  So don’t be alarmed if your golden is outside the average.

English Standard golden retrievers do tend to be about an inch smaller than American golden retrievers.  In regards to weight there is not much of a difference overall between both standards.  I have a girl that hovers around 53 lbs, and no matter how much I feed her she rarely goes above that weight.  I have a girl who is very lean, and is 80 lbs.  She is a bigger girl.  The importance is their weight should be proportional to their height.  You should be able to feel their ribs to a certain degree, but with padding.  If you can’t even feel their ribs then they probably are overweight.  A golden retriever’s waist should be smaller than their ribs.  If you look down their back, and they look like a sausage, then they are likely overweight.  Just like in humans, a slight hour glass in their loin should be visible.

Now I’ve also seen golden retrievers in the 90 lb range that are perfectly healthy.  I’ve also seen a couple golden retrievers over a 100 lbs, however in those cases it was due to them having a gigantism anomaly.  Dogs far out from the average may be overweight or underweight.

To re-cap, a golden retriever is a large breed dog.  They do need exercise to remain fit and keep them lean.  They will have a longer life if we keep them a lean weight.  Golden retrievers’ average weight is 50-80 lbs and their average height is 20-24 inches.

What Is the Average Size of a Golden Retriever

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