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I’ve been researching boots for our dogs for a while. Years ago we had purchased some boots that were not adequate and would fall off. There are many boots out there that can be helpful in snow and other situations.

Normally I’m not all that much of a fan of boots unless you are walking on surfaces that may be too hot, or in cases of snow. I fell in love with the DOG Australia Warm Winter Dog Boots.
However, for those of us that have larger dogs with big feet, they do not have our size. For those who have smaller dogs, they are very attractive boots that come in multiple colors. Your dogs can walk in style.

For those of us who have larger dogs I did find two options listed below. Both have soles that have rubber for traction. They are water resistant, and easy to put on. The only problem is getting your dogs used to them.


Petacc Dog Boots Waterproof Dog Shoe

They only come in one color at this time. However, they are under $20 and about half the price of others.  They are attached by 2 velcro straps, are water resistant, and have rubber soles.





My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Shoes

They come in multiple colors, and sizes that fit golden retrievers. Although they are fairly expensive at around $35.  The do have rubber soles, velcro straps, and are water resistant.

There are other boots out there.  For pups with smaller feet you can opt for other boots, but realize they will only be wearing them for a fraction of time.

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