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Tina and Mitya Litter Puppy Count


This has been a long awaited litter but our puppies are now officially here! Tina and Mitya’s final puppy count is above. 5 boys and 3 girls. Puppies were born January 21st, 2016. I felt a bit like Roger from 101 Dalmations waiting for the puppies to be delivered. With the exception that Jolene and I are trading off in the process. We have put a lot and time and investment in this litter and they surely will impress. We can’t wait to see these pups grow up, but in the mean time we will enjoy them as their little puppy selves. Puppies will be available for their homes around March 18, 2016. I’ll continue to add photos during the week on this post until our weekly update.

english golden retriever puppies

Tina’s Eight Puppies

Tina's biggest male puppy.

Tina’s biggest male puppy.

english cream puppies taking a nap

Puppy Nap Time (2 Days Old)

Nap time (two days old)

Nap Time (2 Days Old)

4 Days Old (Girl)

4 Days Old (Girl)

3 Girls (5 Days Old)

3 Girls With Black Noses (5 Days Old)

5 Boys With Black Noses (5 Days Old)

5 Boys With Black Noses (5 Days Old)

We were glad to breed Tina to Mitya. He is owned by Summer Brook Acres in Alabama. We tracked him down from Tramin Golden Retrievers in Ukraine. I was personally impressed by his quality and pedigree. So impressed that we are keeping a female of our own from this litter.

Tina is doing great.  She took a little longer this time for puppies to start being born once the contractions began. Once the puppies were born though she started bouncing around wanting to play.  There are lots of plans in the future, and lots of anxious puppy parents to discuss and meet with.

Right now 4 males and 2 females are spoken for, although we do have a list of people to contact once they turn 6 weeks old. If you are interested in a puppy feel free to contact us as we may have room.

Mitya and Tina Litter

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