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At The Bearden Pack we are more than a fancier of dogs.  My first profession is photography.  I’m a husband, father, and a “stay at home dad”.  I am more than just about breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers.  My family is important to me, and that includes my fur members.  So this post is a bit off topic from our previous posts.

Currently we are in Maui Hawaii. We traveled to do a long photo shoot. Most of which is aerial photography. However on our first day our stabilizer for our drone camera stopped working. I presumed something brand new that I spent thousands of dollars would work more than a day. So we are out of luck for our shoot. There are no parts on this island. GoPro won’t send parts since it’s Friday, and by the time we receive them we will have already left. So sitting here trying to figure out what to do, I decided to bring back a project that I did years ago. Below is a photography project I did a while back.  One that I will be starting to do again.  Especially now that we have another family member coming to our pack.  The following quoted paragraphs is a post that I had on my Wedding by Photo site and I thought I would bring it here. It’s more relative to The Bearden Pack any way rather than my photography business.

This past year has led to many changes in our little family’s life. After moving back to Southern California, my photography business has taken a step back. For the most part I have become a stay at home dad, which is what I’ve done since Johanna was born. Changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. are all duties that have been associated with mothers for generations. My entire life I’ve heard nonsensical remarks that dad’s can’t and won’t master these tasks. That is utter nonsense. For those dad’s out there that doubt that they can be the parent that stays home and succeed, I am here to say that you can.

I decided to create this project as a self portrait of myself as a stay at home dad. The process of these photos is fairly difficult, and I’m always trying to get more photos as they come. It’s taken over 6 months to get where I am now. It is my intent for the viewer to see through my eyes. The photos are not staged. When I see a situation that I can take a good photo I just pull out the camera and flashes. The majority of the time I never get the photo I want. Once in a while I get a gem of a photo.

This entire project was inspired by a photo I took years ago with my wife Jolene. It’s the photo of me giving up my xbox. The last photo of this project comes full circle. Enjoy, comment, and share on Facebook. Hopefully it will inspire some dad’s out there.


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