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So this weekend was a busy weekend. We decided to take Alice to her first dog show. Also with us was Alice’s father, Olaf. The show was hosted by IABCA in Ontario California. This event was the 2015 Southland Autumn Sieger. Alice competed in the 6-9 Junior Puppy golden retriever group. She was the only one in her group. Olaf competed in the open section for golden retriever males.

waiting for IABCA dog show

Alice getting ready.

golden retriever waiting for dog show to start

Olaf waiting for his turn.

Since Alice was the only one in her section (6-9 month), she got to compete in the best of puppies for goldens each time. There are two other age categories that are included in best of puppies (3-6 month and 9-12 month).  Of the four shows she won Best of Breed Puppy once. Hopefully next time we show her, she will do better. She got docked because she is in her growing stages. I believe the next time she will compete as an adult in the open females (bitch) group. She did compete against our friends from Lucky Charm Golden Retrievers Kennel, who she will compete together in many more events in the future.

Golden Retriever BOB Puppy

Alice after receiving her first BOB Puppy.

Olaf wasn’t allowed to compete in the first show of the event because of unorganized atmosphere. We somehow missed a call for information standing 10 feet away from the desk. The other times he finished 3rd and 2nd twice. He came into some heavy competition, especially from a great American dog.

It was a fun experience. It did rain for the second day of the event. It was a bit difficult keeping them clean and not getting muddy. Especially with how lite their coats are. The next time we show we will probably be showing a puppy from our next litter. Hopefully we will have a great puppy from Tina’s litter to compete.  To end this post, we have a photo of Alice and Olaf after they had just got groomed.

Father and Daughter golden retrievers

Alice with her daddy Olaf

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