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My profession is a photographer. I’ve learned a few things here in there about taking photos of different subjects. Taking pictures of dogs and especially puppies definitely has proven to be challenging. Puppies with a lot of energy just want to run and play. They rarely want to sit on command. When they are a few weeks old they are not very trainable. All that makes it hard to get the right shot.

Since I am a photographer though, it is my intent to try and capture photos of each puppy that is born. Hopefully that means I will get a photo of each of them at each week of growth. That way people who want to track their growth can watch, and each person who buys a puppy will have a photo on file to see.

I’ve seen many breeders who take great photos, some hire a professional for that reason, and many of whom that just take the easiest photo they can get. Learning from them I feel it is important to take the best photos possible of each and every puppy. Humans take photos of their babies when they are born, they stamp their feet, and clip a lock of hair. Capturing photos of the puppies first 8 weeks of life and beyond kind of replaces the nostalgia of human babies. Who knows, maybe some puppy parents will come back for more photos in the future of their English Golden Retrievers.

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