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Not everyone who adopts an animal gets to document their birth on. Since we are getting our English Golden Retriever from a family member, we not only get to see her grow but also take photos. She just opened her eyes a couple days ago, so we got the chance to take some photos of her.

I have been wanting a dog for a while. When I grew up I always wanted a pet, but I wasn’t allowed to have one. I wanted my daughter to experience the joys of growing up with a K9 pack member. My wife wasn’t so eager. Recently though, she seems more excited than me. It’s almost as if we were having a baby. In a sense though, our new pack member is. Below is a photo of her with her eyes open.

Puppy opens eyes for first time

Eyes Just Opened

Johanna holding puppy

Johanna holding puppy

Johanna holding English Golden Retriever Puppy

Johanna with Cousin Haddie and puppy.

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Puppy's First Steps
Our Newest Pack Member