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The time is getting closer. Last weeks update can be found here:  Week 6 Update

Puppies’ Seventh Week of Life

This week they have been exposed to more things.  Since they received their vaccines at 6 weeks, we also started their deworming.  They have now been exposed to the outdoors.  Once again we had many people visit.

At the end of this week my family went on a vacation for a week.  A vacation we tried to cancel, but they wouldn’t give us our money back.  So they have been staying with family.  We get back right before they go home.  Some of which will start going home November 26th.

Weekly Photos

This week we didn’t do individual photos.  When the seventh week comes around I try and get a group photo.  This was our result.  It’s not our best group photo, but it still turned out.

Puppies' Seventh Week of Life

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Puppies' Sixth Week of Life