5 Aug 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

It’s been a fun two months. The puppies grew up fast.  It seems like yesterday that these creme puffs were born.  We got to bond with them and get to know them in many ways. We will miss them for sure, but it will be nice to spend more time with our own two golden retrievers, one of which is still a puppy herself.  Alice will have her first dog show soon, so we will await that.

Johanna didn’t really have a problem until the last puppy left.  She did finally cry as they went home.  We had told her one was going to stay with a little longer, but plans changed and Miss Orange went home with Miss Purple.  So hopefully they have lots of fun together in their permanent home.  Luckily we have her grandparents to see puppies.

I pray that all the puppies as they go home have a safe, fun and healthy life. Can’t wait for pictures as they grow up and many updates!  I’ll probably be contacting some to see if they want to go to a dog show or two.

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