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Finally some good growth.  Last week we put photos up on their 5 week update.

Week 6 Milestones

This week they finally grew more than before.  Which is a plus.  They are very playful and very loving puppies.  They are calm pups and love lots of attention.  There a not as many stand outs in this litter as they all have similar temperaments for the most part.

They now can go around our downstairs and roam.  They also receive their first vaccine today.

Weekly Photos

Photos did arrive two days late.  The weights are accurate to 6 weeks of age.

Our Girls

Ms. Yellow:    7 lbs 2 oz.  Remains our biggest girl.  I keep finding her sleeping behind the door.  That’s her thing I guess.

Yellow (44 Days Old)

Ms. Pink:  5 lbs 10 oz

Pink (44 Days Old)

Ms. Red:   5 lbs  4 oz

Red (44 Days Old)

Ms. Teal:  6 lbs 2 oz

Teal (44 Days Old)

Ms. Purple:  6 lbs 4 Oz

Purple (44 Days Old)

Our Boys

Mr. Green:  4 lbs 12 oz

Green (44 Days Old)

Mr. Black:   5 lbs 6 oz

Black (44 Days Old)

Mr. Orange:  7 lbs 4 oz

Orange (44 Days Old)

Mr. Blue:  7 lbs 10 oz.  Still our biggest boy, although Orange is catching up.

Blue (44 Days Old)



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