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Puppies are running around  Last week we put photos up on their 3 week update.

Week 4 Milestones

We expanded the puppies play area this week.  Many of them received their first bath this week.  They are very alert puppies.  All week they’ve been eating food.  Next week they should be gaining a significant amount of weight.  They are definitely smaller than Tina’s litter.  Their personalities are begging to show a little.

Weekly Photos

We were two days late for photos.  Finally had time to take a few photos.

Our Girls

Ms. Yellow:    4 lbs 6 oz.  She’s my all around favorite, but is a bit shy at this point.  Hopefully that changes.  She is tied for biggest girl and lightest in color.  I like her ear placement as well.  She does have a blaze down her nose, which Willow’s puppies often have.

Yellow (30 Days Old)

Yellow (23 Days Old)


Ms. Pink:  3lbs 10 oz.  Jolene’s favorite.  Likes her personality.  Very alert.

Pink (30 Days Old)

Pink (23 Days Old)


Ms. Red:   3lbs 6 oz.   She is our smallest girl.

Red (30 Days Old)

Red (23 Days Old)


Ms. Teal:  4 lbs. 

Teal (30 Days Old)

Teal (23 Days Old)


Ms. Purple:   4 lbs 6 oz.  Has the most gold at this point.  She is tied for the biggest girl.

Purple (30 Days Old)

Purple (23 Days Old)


Our Boys

Mr. Green:  4 lbs.  He’s one the most playful pups of this litter.

30 Days Old


Mr. Black:   4 lbs 6 oz.

30 Days Old


Mr. Orange:  5 lbs.

30 Days Old


Mr. Blue:  5 lbs 2 oz.  He’s our biggest boy, and the most gold of the boys.

30 Days Old

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