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Like little bullets.  Last week we put photos up on their 4 week update.

Week 5 Milestones

Willow’s puppies are like little bullets.  They love to run fast.  They are nursing less and less, and eating more.  Although, they do prefer to nurse more than eat food.  Which is why I think some of them are lagging behind in weight.  We expanded their play area this week.  They have the entire puppy room to play in now.  We had to expand the area because we found a couple of them had climbed out of their pen when we woke up.  They are getting more daring.

Johanna loves playing with them.  She likes the little puppies more than Tina’s.  I think she’s partial smaller dogs.

Weekly Photos

Photos to come soon, we hope.  Weights will be changed soon.

Our Girls

Ms. Yellow:    5 lbs 6 oz.  Still our biggest girl.

Ms. Yellow (35 Days Old)

Ms. Pink:  4 lbs 10 oz.  Still my standout girl.

Ms. Pink (35 Days Old)

Ms. Red:   3lbs 12 oz.  Our smallest girl.  Her face is really cute though.  Hoping she starts eating more this week to catch up.

Ms. Red (35 Days Old)

Ms. Teal:  4 lbs 4 oz.

Ms. Teal (35 Days Old)

Ms. Purple:  4 lbs 8 oz

Ms. Purple (35 Days Old)

Our Boys

Mr. Green:  4 lbs.  Still my standout boy, although he didn’t gain any weight.  So we will be making sure he gets extra food this week.

Mr. Green (35 Days Old)

Mr. Black:   4 lbs 10 oz.  He’s a character.  I like his head.

Mr. Black (35 Days Old)

Mr. Orange:  5 lbs. 10 oz.

Mr. Orange (35 Days Old)

Mr. Blue:  6 lbs 10 oz.  Our biggest boy.  Looks like his daddy, just with more gold.

Mr. Blue (35 Days Old)

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