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As a breeder we try and test for every possible genetic disease to minimize health risks in the future. However, things do happen and many times you will have to visit a veterinarian. Visits can result from illnesses, diseases, or even injuries. Many times that will result in many costs that can’t be afforded. Which is why we recommend pet health insurance.

A while back I researched for insurance after having to pay thousands of dollars for a surgery.  Out of the different quotes from Healthy Paws, Nationwide, and a bunch other relatively unknown companies, I always came back to Healthy Paws.  They are the cheapest company I have found for pet insurance.  Even if you have Nationwide, the discount you get from them still is not enough to bring the cost down.  What Healthy Paws offers is equal to all other companies and if not better.  They cover injuries, illnesses, genetic diseases, and emergency care.

I follow a lot of forums for golden retrievers and even other breeds.  The number one recommended company has always been Healthy Paws.  So I feel confident in giving them my recommendation. So protect your dog, cat or pet with health insurance.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

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