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I’ve had people ask us about our Alaskan Malamutes in the past.  Many of whom checked my Facebook to see photos of them. So I thought I would mention them in a post.  We indeed used to have two Alaskan Malamutes.  When I was a child they were my favorite breed.  I preferred their size over huskies, intelligence, and for some reason they just appealed to me more.  So when I moved out on my own, the first thing I wanted to do was get a malamute.  That’s exactly what I did.

our Alaskan Malamutes

Jupiter and Juno










About a year ago our Juno ran away.  She was eight years old at the time.  We were moving from the northern California area back to southern California.  In the process we stayed with my wife’s grandparents.  During the first night there Juno broke out, and we never saw her again.  I drove around looking for her for days, and talked to neighbors.  I checked with animal control, left my information, but never heard anything back. Below is the last photo I took of Juno while we were moving.

Alaskan Malamute

Juno’s Last Photo With Us










It took us a while before we wanted to get another dog.  We also wanted to find one that was child friendly.  That’s why we chose golden retrievers.  Alaskan malamutes can also be a little more upkeep.  They shed more than almost any other dog out there.  So they need to be brushed fairly often.  Twice a year they blow their undercoat.  In the process you can save their hair and make clothing out of them.  I kid you not.  Juno was considered a wooly.  That is not necessarily the standard, but her hair was longer and took even more time to take care of.  If not, she would get matted hair very often.  We had to cut her hair a couple times.  Her hair was growing back in the photo below.  That’s why the coat on her back looks a bit strange.  Jupiter’s coat was more of the AKC standard.  So it was easier to maintain.

our alaskan malamute with daughter

Juno with our daughter Johanna.










We actually attempted breeding our Alaskan Malamutes years ago. However Juno had medical issues that prevented her from doing so. We attempted multiple times with no success.  Our male Jupiter, was a very high strung temperament with anxiety issues. Something we did not want to pass on.

We no longer have Alaskan Malamutes, but someday hopefully we will get another one (or two). Maybe we’ll breed them as well. If not, we will definitely show them.  They are a very beautiful breed, but they do enjoy the cold.  Hence the name Alaskan.

Alaskan malamutes together

Juno and Jupiter

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