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A few months ago on an English Cream Golden Retriever forum on Facebook many people started posting their dogs reaction to a cookie jar.  The cookie jar somewhat resembles cream colored goldens.  Numerous people posted video after video.  So much so I wish I had invested in some stock of the company who sold them.  Normally I don’t follow fads that other people do.  Until today.  Just this once.

Our Ceramic Pack Member

In the mail today we received a package.  The package was from Walmart.  We didn’t order anything from Walmart.  We figured someone sent our human kids a gift for Christmas.  Inside it was actually a new ceramic pack member for the fur kids.  We didn’t know a package was coming for them.  I have no idea who sent it, but I do have my suspicions.

When I opened it to see what it was I laughed with surprise.  So I pulled out my camera, and brought our pack around to see their reactions.  This was the result.

Glacier had been outside digging a hole and licked the new pack member leaving it’s face muddy.  Willow brought it her favorite toy.  The rest licked it curiously.  Now it may not be the best reaction, but it is a reaction we thought we’d post for you to see.

Now I need to clean it up and put some cookies in it.  Or dog treats might make sense.  We should probably name it too.  Any ideas?

~UPDATE:  It was my mother who sent the cookie jar.

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