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The Bearden Pack would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. We hope all our puppy family and friends are having a fantastic holiday season.

We hosted a dinner and present opening at our home on Christmas Eve. Tina and Alice got to have turkey and participate in some of the festivities. Echo hid the entire time. Johanna got lots of presents. ¬†After almost everyone left I set up some lights and a camera to take a photo of our entire pack. We had Jolene’s cousin take the photo. Timing everyone to look at the camera was a small chore. We couldn’t get Echo to really look at the camera. Our efforts are below.

golden retriever Christmas

The Bearden Pack (Christmas 2015)

A few weeks ago we were putting up our Christmas tree and got a good photo of Johanna, Tina and Alice.

English cream golden retrievers with a Christmas tree.

Johanna, Tina and Alice

Once again Merry Christmas to all our English cream golden retriever friends.

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