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Every litter of puppies we have we track multiple ways.  Between 4-5 weeks of age we microchip all our puppies.  However before then we place ID collars to keep track a litter of puppies.  We use multiple collar types.  Not every breeder takes photos each week or track individual weights like we do.  Since we do this, it’s essential for us to keep track of each puppy.  I feel it’s also important to keep track of weights to see if any puppies are falling behind.  It’s also beneficial for future puppy parents to keep track of the growth of puppies that they may be soon taking home.

ID Collars to Keep Track a Litter of Puppies

I personally make my own ID collars out of nylon paracord.  They are easy to make.  I buy a bunch of color paracord from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for a little amount of money.  Generally most puppy parents don’t want to keep them, so I clean them and often reuse them.  I tie two knots and melt the ends.  The knots easily slip and can be moved to increase the size of the collar as a puppy grows.  Here is an example of the collars I make.

ID Collars to Keep Track a Litter of Puppies

Velcro Collars

There are many breeders I know that use color velcro.  They are fairly cheap, and generally you can throw them away after a litter.  This method though in my opinion is more expensive.  Although it may be more convenient.

Standard Leather Collars

Recently I started using TenCloud Pet Collar Set. I use them when the puppies are older and they have the feel of a natural collar. Leash training is easier with a regular collar.

There are many options out there to use. The collars listed above are the ones we use. I also know of a breeder who has someone on Etsy.com create collars with their kennel name embroidered on them. That might be something to consider.  Anyway, I hope this information is useful for other new breeders out there.  Let us know what collars you use or if you make your own as well.

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