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It’s been a while since I posted anything.  The past 4 months we’ve been totally preoccupied taking care of Braeden, and adjusting to everything baby.  We have been getting out of the house more, so we decided to go for a hike.  Glacier is now 7 months old now, so we decided to take him along for his first hike.   This time to Wildwood Canyon Park.  Since he’s still young we’ve limited his exercise to walks around our community and short trips to Lake Arrowhead.

Glacier did excellent on his walk.   He didn’t like walking much with  Jolene.  It appears he only likes walking by my side.  We will need to break him of that eventually.  We did bring a stroller, but that didn’t go too well.  There is no room for a stroller on the trail.  Next time we will just bring the baby carrier.

We did finally get a photo of Glacier.  He’s already getting so big.  He’s already as tall as Tina, our biggest girl.  He’s not as long though.  Hopefully in March we will get to compete in a dog show with him and hopefully earn a puppy title.  We will see if we can fit it in our schedule though.

We’ve been using our girls leashes with him.   I’ve kept forgetting to get him his own.   While on walks people think he is a girl because the leash is purple or pink.  However, we just bought a new one for him.   It’s the Olivery Heavy Duty Dog Martingale.  We will get to use it next time for a walk.  Hopefully next time we can bring more of our  pack with us too.

Photos below.

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