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I’m always on the hunt for new ways to spoil our dogs.  I wanted to create a great way to give my dogs something healthy, but also a treat.  I had a silicon Ticent Dog Treat Baking Mold laying around that I had planned for other projects.  A couple of my dogs love to eat ice.  So I thought I would create a new way for them to enjoy ice even more.

Healthy Coconut and Salmon Oil Dog Treats

Salmon and Coconut Oil tend to be beneficial oils that your dog can eat.  Although there are recent contrary reports about coconut oil with humans.  Since we don’t feed excessive amounts of fat to our dogs the amount of coconut oil is very minimal.  Both oils will help with a healthier and shinier coat as well as other benefits.  I also add mint to our treats to freshen their breath.  We grow mint in our garden and it is very fast growing.  It’s one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden.  So it’s relatively free for us to use.

Healthy Coconut and Salmon Oil Dog Treats
Healthy Treat Recipe

I add about a half teaspoon of salmon oil to each mold.  I then freeze it for a couple hours.  I then soften coconut oil and place about a half teaspoon of coconut oil into each frozen mold.  The coconut oil solidifies quickly due to the frozen salmon oil.  I then dice up some mint leaves and sprinkle them on each treat.  Then lastly, I add water to my desired amount and freeze for the final time.  Then after they are completely frozen I take them out as needed.  If I want to make a batch I store them in freezer zip lock bags.

For a quicker route, you might opt to just mix the coconut oil, salmon oil, mint and water all together and freeze once.  I don’t think your dog will really care.  I just did it my way for aesthetics.

Not all my dogs enjoy ice by themselves.  All of them will eat these treats, even the ones who don’t like ice.  One thing I like about ice is my dogs don’t devour the treat.  Some treats they gobble down and they are instantly gone.  With ice they tend to play with it and slowly chew.  So its a win win for me.  We don’t always know what is in our dog treats that we buy in the store.  This is a easy to make treat and you know exactly what is in it.  You could opt for other ingredients that your dog may need in their diet.

Where do We Get Our Ingredients

The specific ingredients of coconut oil are the Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil.  I recently bought American Journey Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Chewy.  My dogs seem to enjoy it.  There are many other options out there.  Right now I am trying different options.  If this is something you like doing for your dog, and your dogs loves salmon oil, then you might opt for Alaskan Naturals Salmon Oil for Dogs. It comes in a more cost effective container and will last much longer.

For our baking molds we use the Ticent Dog Treat Bones Baking Mold.  They are flexible and can be used for many different acitivities.  They also come in dog paws.

We hope your dogs enjoy these treats. Let us know if your dogs like it, or what ingredients you have added to yours.

Ticent Dog Bone Treat Mold
Home Grown Mint Leaves

Ticent Baking Mold
American Journey Salmon Oil

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