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Today is Tina’s birthday. Yesterday we decided to celebrate with a small party. We spoiled our k9 pack members with decorations, dog bones, treats, and a dog friendly cake. They didn’t get to eat their treats all at once though of course. That would cause too much of an upset stomach. We’ll save the bones and treats for the future.

I wanted to capture a photo of her party, so we planned in advance. We set up our decorations. We bought presents, and baked her a doggy cake. Just to be certain, all food was doggy edible. Even though it’s also National Chocolate Day today, their cake was made of carob. We tried to plan everything to a t. However, I didn’t plan for weather. A storm decided to make it’s way in, so we had to do everything a couple hours early. Sadly more than half of our balloons popped because they were over filled. Wind was blowing everything around. We did try and capture as much as we could. Also our brand new lawn mower broke, so we couldn’t mow the lawn in time. Getting the best shot possible was really difficult. Our efforts are shown below.

english cream golden retrievers birthday party

Birthday Party For Tina

english cream golden retrievers eating dog cake

Cake Eating Time

Aside from the little party, we also had Tina groomed. When Alice got groomed a few weeks back we didn’t have Tina partake. She had her dewclaws removed due to injury and had to wait till she healed. So we thought we would give her some pampering of her own. Our groomer did a good job making her coat soft again. On a side note: here is a video of them eating their cake.

In a few months we might try this again for Alice’s birthday. At least we shall see. In any case, happy birthday Tina.

golden retrievers birthday

Sharing Tina’s Cake

Dogs eating cake

A Finished Plate

dogs with my daughter

Our attempt at getting Johanna in the photo.

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