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Today was a really long and eventful day. Not only was it Halloween, but we also went to Forest Falls. Forest Falls is in San Bernardino County National Forest. It’s not too far from where we live.

We had some time to get away for a bit, so we decided to go on a hike. About half way up the falls it was blocked off. So we couldn’t go any further. Johanna and the dogs all got to play in the water. They also got to chase some sticks around. They seem to like chasing after sticks more than they do balls. We didn’t bring our camera, so we had to take photos with our phone. So the photos aren’t as good as usual.

golden retriever family at Forest Falls

Alice, Tim, Tina, and Johanna at Forest Falls

golden retriever in the water

Alice Playing in the Water

After we got back we got Johanna ready for Trick-or-treating. Johanna was Princess Aurora today. While she was out with Jolene I stayed at home to pass out candy. I dressed our English cream golden retrievers in Star Wars outfits. I turned my females into males tonight as Tina was Yoda, and Alice was Chewie. We get a lot of people at our house. It generally lasts from 5:30 till around 9:00 with trick-or-treaters visiting. I’m sure our dogs enjoyed watching all the kids in costumes. Plus they had two large bones to chew on. After everything slowed down I took both Tina and Alice around on another long walk with their costumes.

Next year we might actually plan things a little sooner so that everyone is in a similar costume. The dogs are exhausted. So they will sleep good tonight. The extra hour of sleep tonight from time change might actually help them as well.

Tina (Yoda) and Alice (Chewie)

Tina (Yoda) and Alice (Chewie)

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