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Each week we will put up more photos and a an update.  Last week we put photos up on their litter page.

Week 1 Milestones

This week the puppies noses have turned black.  They are squirming around, and becoming much more efficient at nursing.  Their claws are already growing in size, as well as their weight.  This week their isn’t much of a milestone as they still can’t see or hear or see.  Starting next week we will a bunch more milestones.

Weekly Photos

I didn’t have assistance with these photos, so this is what I did by myself.  Jolene is on self proclaimed bedrest, so my usual assistant can’t help.  Enjoy the photos for this week.

7 day old girl puppies

3 Girls (7 Days Old)

7 Day Old Puppies

2 Boys (7 Days Old)

golden retriever puppies in los angeles

A Sleepy Puppy (7 Days Old)

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Willow and Olaf's Litter
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