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Does your dog have a missing clump of hair on their body?  Are they constantly itching and licking a certain area?  It could be a hotspot.  There are many illnesses that Golden Retrievers can get that cause skin issues.  One of the biggest ones and quite common, is hot spots.  Hot spots are considered moist dermatitis. Our goldens as of yet have never gotten a hot spot.  Let me knock on wood.  However, any breed including golden retrievers are suspetible to them.  Thick and long haired dogs are however more susceptible.

How Are Hot Spots Caused

Hot spots can be caused by allergic reactions, stress, mites, flea bites, poor grooming, ear and skin infections.  Of course we can’t forget about constant licking.  Dogs who are bored often lick themselves creating a hot spot.  Much of the time the hotspots turn red in color.  Often they appear out of the blue and especially in the summer.  Dogs will be constantly itching the area. Loss of hair is generally evident.  Oozing skin can occur in bad cases.

How to Treat Hot Spots

  1. Shave the surrounding area to create a dry area.  Exposing to dry air will help it heal faster.
  2. Clean the area with solutions or organic skin treatments.  Coconut oil and Bag Balm have been known to affectively help with hot spots.
  3. If the hot spot is caused by an infection, or an infection is evident then indeed an antibiotic may be needed.
  4. Often hotspots are painful and a painkiller may be needed
  5. Corticosteroids to prevent itching may be needed in sever cases
  6. An E-Color or cone may be needed to prevent further licking

How to Prevent Hot Spots

The underlying cause will determine the path you take to prevent them.  If an allergy is causing them, such as a food allergy you will need to switch to a different food.  Sometimes it can be a contact allergy from your yard.  There might be certain weeds that need to be eliminated to stop the allergy.  If it is caused by fleas, then you will need to use a flee control.  If the area is being licked due to boredom, then consider new activities.  Exercise them with fetch and daily walks.  Sometimes stress is a cause, so try and eliminate stress that may be affecting your dog.  If there is a big change going on in your home, consider how that might be affecting your dog.  Grooming your dog regularly may be essential to remove insects such as mites.  It will also help with maintaining their coat and creating airflow in summer months.  Treat any injuries your dog may have suffered.

Hot spots are painful.  So it’s important to access the situation quickly.  Your dogs will thank you if you do.

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