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Alice and Maddox’s Final Puppy Count


Puppies are here.  Alice broke her sack around 12:00 a.m.   Around 4:28 a.m. her first puppy was born.  First two born were girls, followed by a boy, girl, boy, and lastly a girl.  4 girls and 2 boys in all.  Her delivery was around 3 and half hours.  These are by far the lightest in gold we have ever had.

Alice is the mother, and Maddox is the sire. Her litter has a large waitlist already. We have already started contacting everyone on our waitlist.  They are all spoken for.  This week has been very busy, but we did finally get a photo of one of the puppies here below.  We will have a weekly update on their progress.

6 day old puppy

6 Days Old

A golden retriever makes for a great pet. Probably one of the best pets you can have. Contact us for more information about our future litters. Our next litter will go home in 2018.

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