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Our four week old puppies are getting bigger.   Last week we put photos up on their 3 week update.

Week 4 Milestones

This weeks milestones are pretty much them gaining weight.  They gained a fair amount this week.  Their coats are coming in even longer.  Their canine teeth have broken the skin.  We gave them their first food on day 22.  Only 3 were interested at first.  After 2 days they were all consistently eating.  We’ve transitioned them to 3 meals a day at this point along with nursing.

We added a pee area to their pen.  We are trying a different technique this time.  I added a fake grass area with a pan for them to pee on.  The boys have taken to it fairly well.  One goes potty their all the time.  The girls are slower to use it.  I started earlier this time as well, to see if it makes a difference.  Time will tell.

They are getting more and more playful day by day.  Sleep is still their favorite thing to do.  We transitioned them to another room so they have more room to play. Also this way, Willow’s litter has more room as well.  They got their first bath on day 25.  They actually did really well, all things considered.

Weekly Photos

For our names we went with names that start with the letter A.  They are not their names that will be permanent.  I already know a couple of their names, but will wait till week 6 to change them.  Here are our 4 week photos.  Boys still don’t like to cooperate for photos.  They’d rather sleep.

Four Week Old Puppies

Sleeping After Their Bath (25 Days Old)

Golden retriever eating for the first time

First Feeding (22 Days Old)

Boy 1 (Apollo):   7 lbs 14 oz.  Our biggest puppy.  He has the most gold of all of them.

Boy 1 (28 Days Old)

Boy 2 (Asher):. 7 lbs 2 oz.

Boy 2 (28 Days Old)

Girl 1 (Ainsley):  7 lbs.  She’s our biggest girl.

Girl 1 (28 Days Old)

Girl 2 (Ava): 5 lbs 14 oz.

Girl 2 (28 Days Old)

Girl 3 (Anna): 6 lbs 2 oz.  She passed our middle girl up in weight.

Girl 3 (28 Days Old)

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