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These past few weeks have been actioned packed. Preparing for Christmas has become a big chore. Our whelping room also acts as a spare bedroom. Since we have family staying with us next week, we had to convert it back to a room. In the process we tiled the entire room. During the mess our golden retrievers don’t get to participate. I did however see foot prints on the tile when I forgot to close the door. So we have to come up with unique ways of entertaining them.

We’ve been getting lots of packages in the mail from Amazon. Amazon is our easier way of Christmas shopping. A while back we got an RC car. So we decided to put the RC car in a Amazon box and run it around the room. The fruits of our labor are below.

For the most part they just appear scared of the box. However, if they even hear the RC car come on they always come running. On a side note we often say that Alice acts more like a cat than a dog. She even chases a laser pen. Our cat Echo doesn’t even do that anymore. I finally caught it on video. She’ll chase after a laser for hours if we let her. It’s a nice way to exercise her in this cold weather while remaining inside. Our nightly walks we have to bundle up.

Anyway, this is just a couple ways we try and entertain our dogs. This past Tuesday we confirmed that Tina is indeed pregnant via ultrasound. So this weekend we decided to take her on a short vacation to the beach. We will be going to Laguna for a couple days and staying in a dog friendly hotel. Huntington Beach has a dog beach a short ways away that they can enjoy time off leash in the waves. I’m pretty sure Alice will be the only one going in the water.

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