English Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

To a Loving Home

Tina has officially gone into heat as of April 22nd, 2017. If all goes well we would expect puppies to be born July 8th/9th. Puppies would go home around September 2nd/3rd. Take that as a grain of salt, because timing can always be off a bit. We do have a really long waitlist. We do expect Alice to go into heat in a few weeks as well. We are still considering studs for her. So if everything goes to plan, we might have two litters go home in September. Ironically we are expecting a baby of our own September 26th. So September will be busy month.

If you are wanting a puppy sooner you can check out a friend of ours who is breeding one of our past pups.  She will be having a large litter, but she might have a couple pups left.  You can check them out at http://www.mcintire-mountain-goldens.com/ 

Also, my in-laws always have a litter. You can check them out at http://www.chadwicksgoldens.com/

Willow’s Litter

english cream golden retriever puppies at 7 weeks

Tina’s 2nd Litter

English golden retriever puppies at 7 weeks

Tina’s First Litter

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