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I haven’t often mentioned our cat Echo. So today I thought I would mention her a little. She’s our short haired calico. Echo has been with us for around 8 years. She has always been a little shy, especially of humans, and keeps to herself. Except at night when she sleeps in our bed. Occasionally you will see her come out of hiding to bat our golden retrievers tails, and make the dogs chase after her.

Today I found Alice trying to get into our laundry cupboard. Specifically she was searching just one spot. She’s never expressed interest in that area of the house. I opened the cupboard to find Echo inside. Often she likes to find the best hiding spots. This is obviously one of them. During the night I occasionally here her opening doors. She might need to find a new hiding spot, because now the dogs knows where she hides.

I thought it was a cute moment, so I decided to capture a photo of the moment. Luckily our dogs and cat don’t fight, but they do like to chase each other.

Golden Retriever with a cat

Alice Found Echo

dog finds cat

Tina, Echo and Alice

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