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So this post is a bit off topic, but still some might find it useful.  I used to be a bit lazy with our dog food and especially cat food.  I’d open the bag, give my dogs food, and tuck the top to keep it fresh.  Well in reality it wasn’t keeping our dog food fresh because air was still getting to the food.  I don’t like stale food, and I don’t think my dogs and cat do either.

Since we have multiple types of food, and I also rotate our food I needed a better way to keep our food fresh as well as keep bugs out.  We found Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container.

Our dog food bags end up being between 24lbs to 30lbs.  I wanted something that would be big enough for 60lbs of food.  That way I could contain two bags of food with no problems.  Vittles has a 60lb container for just that.  Since we often have puppies, I also have a smaller 40lb container for puppy food.  The biggest feature is that they are airtight.  The nice thing about these containers is they do stack.  Although, when totally full it does slightly warp the container making it a bit harder to get the lid to rotate on and off.

They do also have smaller containers.  I use a 25lb container, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus for Pet Food Storage, for our cat food.  My cat food lasts forever since I only have one cat.  This keeps Echo’s cat food fresher a lot longer and I don’t feel like throwing out old food.

Now they do have a new container. The Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Containers for Pet Food.  The containers are big enough to hole 45 lbs and 65 lbs.  The lid is made differently which should prevent the lid from warping.  That was my complaint about the other containers.  They do cost a lot more.  So if you only had one food, then the other container would suffice since you don’t have to stack them.  I don’t have this container myself, although I’m sure I would buy it if I didn’t own the others.  Who knows, maybe they will send me one for free because I’m supportive of their company.  Hint Hint.

I have tried other methods, but most have some clicking contraption that breaks, or wheels that pop off over time.  Many are also not airtight.  So that’s why we went with Vittles.  Let us know if you decided to go with them, if you liked their product, or if you found a better option.  We always seek products that make life easier and better for not only us but our fur members as well.

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