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So you came to see our our cute golden retriever puppies!  Another week and they are getting bigger.  Last week we put photos up on their 1 week update.

Week 2 Milestones

This week they got much bigger.  About 4 times their birth weight.  Our biggest puppy, a boy, is 4 lbs 2 oz.  Our smallest girl is 2 lbs 14 oz.  The rest are mid pounds.  The are beginning to walk on all four legs.  Although they are wobbly.  They will begin mastering walking this week.  There eyes began opening day 10.  Mostly fully open at day 13.  I have seen a couple now beginning to sit on the hind legs on day 13.

They are mastering nursing and don’t nurse as often now.  They sleep the majority of the time as usual with pups this age.  Two puppies were seen playing with each other on day 13 as well.  They have finally recognized they are not the only ones that exist.

Weekly Photos

Once again, here are our 2 week photos.

cute golden retriever puppies

All 5 Cute Golden Retriever Puppies

sleeping pup

Sleepy Puppy

puppy growing

Puppy Growing Older

cute puppy

Our Cute Pup

puppy eyes open

Eyes Open

a tired golden retriever puppy

Sleepy Puppy

daughter holding puppy

Johanna With Girl Puppy

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