Golden Retrievers Having Fun in the Snow

8 Jan No Comments timbearden Random

Winter is now upon us. We decided to take our english golden retrievers up to the snow. It was the first time Alice has seen the snow. So it was a new journey for her. We met up with the parents of Miss Red. Her name is now Baylee. She

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Happy New Year

1 Jan 1 Comment timbearden Random

As 2015 comes to a close, The Bearden Pack would like to wish everyone a happy new year. We hope you enjoyed 2015 and 2016 is even better. This year we had the privilege to work with many people. We’ve been blessed, as I hope everyone else has been. In

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Merry Christmas

25 Dec 1 Comment timbearden Random

The Bearden Pack would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. We hope all our puppy family and friends are having a fantastic holiday season. We hosted a dinner and present opening at our home on Christmas Eve. Tina and Alice got to have turkey and

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Golden Retrievers at the Beach

19 Dec No Comments timbearden Random

This weekend was Jolene’s and my 9th anniversary. We decided to go to Laguna Beach for the weekend. Laguna is a very dog friendly town, so we thought we would take our fur family as well. We stayed at Pacific Edge Hotel. We’ve stayed there a few times before over

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Entertaining Golden Retrievers

17 Dec No Comments timbearden Random

These past few weeks have been actioned packed. Preparing for Christmas has become a big chore. Our whelping room also acts as a spare bedroom. Since we have family staying with us next week, we had to convert it back to a room. In the process we tiled the entire

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Origins of our Kennel Name

10 Dec No Comments timbearden Random

Breeders often find unique and creative ways to name their kennels. Some have more thought put in them, and others not so much. Believe it or not, we actually spent time figuring out our kennel name. I know it appears simple, but a lot went into it. Most people are

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Dogs and a Cat

7 Dec No Comments timbearden Random

I haven’t often mentioned our cat Echo. So today I thought I would mention her a little. She’s our short haired calico. Echo has been with us for around 8 years. She has always been a little shy, especially of humans, and keeps to herself. Except at night when she

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Golden Retrievers on Halloween

31 Oct No Comments timbearden Random

Today was a really long and eventful day. Not only was it Halloween, but we also went to Forest Falls. Forest Falls is in San Bernardino County National Forest. It’s not too far from where we live. We had some time to get away for a bit, so we decided

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A Visit From Baylee

30 Oct 1 Comment timbearden Random

Today we had a visit from Baylee. For those who follow our blog, Baylee is Miss Red. She ended up being the smallest of our last English cream litter. Her family contacted us to set up a play date with her mother Tina, and aunt Alice. This was not a

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Happy Birthday Tina

28 Oct 1 Comment timbearden Random

Today is Tina’s birthday. Yesterday we decided to celebrate with a small party. We spoiled our k9 pack members with decorations, dog bones, treats, and a dog friendly cake. They didn’t get to eat their treats all at once though of course. That would cause too much of an upset

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