“Stay at Home Dad” Project

15 Apr No Comments timbearden Random

At The Bearden Pack we are more than a fancier of dogs.  My first profession is photography.  I’m a husband, father, and a “stay at home dad”.  I am more than just about breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers.  My family is important to me, and that includes my fur members.

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Tina’s Turn for a Dog Show

26 Mar No Comments timbearden Random

This was a very busy weekend for us.  We finally got Tina back in the show ring.  My in-laws are on vacation this weekend.  While they are gone we are delivering puppies and performing AI’s for them.  One of our in-laws girls had to have an emergency c-cection and the

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Ember’s 1st Birthday

21 Jan No Comments timbearden Random

We would like to say happy birthday to all our puppies from last years litter of Tina and Mitya. I can’t believe it, but it’s already been a year since Ember and all her siblings were brought into this world. Ember is quite the character. She has a funny growl

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A Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

25 Dec No Comments timbearden Random

This year was was a fun and exciting. We added two fur members to our pack. First we added Ember by way of her momma Tina. We also got Willow from Europe. Also this year was Jolene’s and my 10 year anniversary. For this years Christmas photos we decided to

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Dog Show in Norco California

10 Oct No Comments timbearden Random

On October 8 and 9 we took Alice and Ember to a dog show in Norco California at Pikes Peak Park. This event was the 2016 Southland Autumn Sieger held by IABCA. Twice a year we attend one of their events. This was Ember’s first IABCA event. Both Alice and

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The Case of the Missing Ear

22 May No Comments timbearden Random

Many have noticed that Tina’s right ear is shorter than her left. Many also never notice. I personally don’t know what happened when she was young. I never really asked either. She’s a great dog, and it is not genetic. So it really never worried us. Luckily judges saw fit

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UKC Dog Show

29 Feb No Comments timbearden Random

On February 27, and 28 Alice and I attended another UKC show. Our results were rather disappointing to say the least. The show was hosted by the American Bully Club of Arizona. It took place in Claremont California once again. An AKC show was also being held in southern California,

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Alice’s First Birthday

7 Feb 2 Comments timbearden Random

It seemed just a few days ago when we chose which puppy we would keep. Alice was the lightest color of her litter, and the largest as well. She grew up and is now in between size. For her birthday we decided to throw her a big birthday party. Last

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UKC Dog Show in Claremont

7 Feb No Comments timbearden Random

So today Alice and I went by ourselves to a UKC dog show hosted by the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of American. Jolene and Johanna took care of Tina and the puppies while Alice and I went to compete. Alice didn’t do as well as we had wanted, but she

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Fun in the Snow

8 Jan No Comments timbearden Random

Winter is now upon us. We decided to take our english golden retrievers up to the snow. It was the first time Alice has seen the snow. So it was a new journey for her. We met up with the parents of Miss Red. Her name is now Baylee. She

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